Thursday, March 22, 2018

Judge Not

Judge not, that ye be not judged.
Confession: I have been looking down on people.
For the past couple of months Evan has wanted to go to "big church" with Paige and I so we have let him. Our church has a balcony and he likes to sit up there so we have been doing that. 
Front row mind you.
Yes, it is a baptist church and we are front row!
So during worship as I make my joyful noise, I have been "looking down on people" and noticing the bald spots, thinning hair lines, etc.
Fast forward to this morning.
Fresh hair cut from yesterday and as I bent over to splash my face with water to get ready for a shave, what do my eyes notice?
My scalp! Thinning hair, signs of male pattern baldness.
Honestly, it has been coming on for years but now that I have been noticing others I think wearing more ball caps is in my not to distant future and we may become permanent fixtures in the balcony so no one will look down on me.
Life is wonderful!
No comb-over for me.