Sunday, November 11, 2012

Amazing Commerce Texas Facts

Amazing Commerce Texas Facts: Zurn closing cost 200 jobs, Covidian when it closes in 2013 will cost 300 jobs (one of the complaints from both = taxes too high) + Average value of single family home down from 2011 + Audit shows unreserved general fund balance of less than $18K (City’s financial policy calls for $800K) + City tax rate $.82 + street bond to raise tax rate another 2 cents in 2014 = August 2012: City Council giving City Manager roughly 40% raise over next 2 years and $10K bonus. SMH

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

No business is run better than the City of Commerce

Council Member Candidate: ”No business is run better than the City of Commerce”

 I must have missed that day in Accounting 101 where a negative balance is a good thing. Negative $119K in General Fund Balance. You know the General Fund; the one that pays salaries, fuel, health insurance, etc.